Hydrogen is the energy of the stars.
It is odorless, colorless and is everywhere.

It is finally gaining a key role in the energy arena and it will be crucial key in reducing emissions within the European Union's decarbonization strategy.

Who we are

Hyter is an industrial company based in Desenzano del Garda (BS) that operates in the renewable energies.

We chart new routes to navigate towards a sustainabl e future, turning waste into energy.

AEMWE technology

The AEMWE technology perfected by Hyter is one in which the electrolyte solution is in an alkaline type of liquid form.

Hyter electrolyte cells produce gaseous hydrogen and oxygen through the electrolysis of water. A special anion membrane separates the two gases in the process stage.

Our solution

Our solutions can be designed according to the customer’s requirements and end applications.

From an industrial point of view, we aim to improve the efficiency of our processes, integrating high-tech equipment and organisational and production best practices.


We want to respond to the challenges about the future of energy by collaborating with other companies to develop the hydrogen market.

Hyter aims to promote the advancement of technologies and systems for the production and use of hydrogen by being open to continuous discussion with stakeholders in the supply chain.