3 October, 2022 | Corporate

Hyter.it is live

The site to discover the new ways of energy

We are thrilled to present you the launch of the Hyter.it website, a space where we will tell you about the potential of such an “infinite” resource as hydrogen and the projects with which we are trying to write the future of energy.

The key words that guided the creation process of this website are the same ones that guide our daily work: innovation and functionality. Designed to be user friendly and responsive, Hyter.it was created to answer questions that may rise about hydrogen topics in a fast and easy way, while at the same time trying to explain the technical features and economic advantages of out solutions as best as we can.

We will constantly update our contents with news and expertise in the field of technology and we will inform you about the economic developments in the supply chain, to provide an effective service not only to our current and potential clients, but also to all people interested in learning more abour this new energy vector.

At this point, we wish you to enjoy your navigation!